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Welcome to the Wilson Waterfowl Blog

Welcome to our new blog! In our blog we will address questions by you! Shoot us an email or text on questions regarding anything and everything waterfowl. We will provide you with information to make your next hunt more successful, from calling techniques, how to run your spread, what to make of certain wind situations, safety, stories and much more. Once again, welcome to the blog and we look forward to providing you with information that will better your experience in the field.

Jayse Wilson

17 Year old + Speck

Our good luck charm. Every time our grandpa seems to tag along on a hunt we seem to have some great story to tell. This hunt made it his second consecutive hunt that he came on that we shot a band. If you're from Alberta, you would know that bands are few and far between.

Our grandpa was the one who kicked the door open for us into the land of waterfowl. Ever since we were young we couldn't get enough, which eventually lead us into the business of becoming outfitters in the most renowned area of the world for waterfowl. Saskatchewan.

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