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Pacific Custom Calls

Wilson Waterfowl is a proud partner with Pacific Custom Calls. They provide us with the best calls on the market that makes it easier for us to ensure the hunts are everything you dreamed about and more. (Click on the photo to view their quality line of custom calls)


Divebomb Industry Decoys

Divebomb is the only decoys we run at Wilson Waterfowl. They provide the most realistic decoys while being small and compact so we can fit all our 2000+ decoys in one trailer. Look no further than Divebomb Decoys for your next purchase. They're the best money can buy (Click on the photo to purchase Divebomb Decoys)



If you hunt I'm sure you've heard the gear Sitka and how most people say how expensive it is. They aren't wrong. But, Sitka has established themselves as the premier hunting clothing, and for a reason. When hunting late season in Canada, you need Sitka gear to keep warm and dry all while using the best camo in the industry. For all your hunting apparel invest in Sitka, their gear isn't just warm and dry but very durable. (Click the photo to be brought to the Sitka page)

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