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The species that we can target on your hunts are a variety of ducks (widgeon, mallards, pintail and depending the time wood ducks), among the geese family there are Snows and Ross geese, Canada geese (Lessers and Greaters) and Speckle Belly geese. We are also fortunate enough to be in the center of the  Sandhill Crane flyway.

Land of the Living Skies

The land of the living skies is known to be the best waterfowl hunting in the world, and Wilson Waterfowl crew will show you what its all about. In the morning we will ideally set you up on some type of Dark goose feed that most likely have ducks, as by Saskatchewan regulations we cannot hunt dark geese in the afternoon until October 15th. That means the afternoon/evening hunt will be focused on ducks, snow geese or sandhill cranes.

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