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The Wilson Brothers


Kadin Wilson

Kadin the youngest of two brothers has been hunting his whole life. Kadin has 4 years of guiding experience, two years at Prairies Edge Outfitting, one at Alberta's Fall Flight and one year as a head guide with Northern Winds. Blowing a call comes as natural as taking a breath for this guy. In the offseason Kadin enjoys fly fishing, skinning coyotes, working on the SW Cattle cow/calf operation and working with his dog Drake.


Jayse Wilson

Jayse is the oldest of the two. Likewise, he has been hunting his whole life. Jayse attended the  University of Alberta pursuing his degree in Animal Science. Jayse has guided Northern Winds from time to time. But, don't let that fool you, his passion for chasing waterfowl is unmatched. In the offseason Jayse enjoys golfing, fly fishing, working on the ranch, skinning coyotes and spending time with family. 



Drake is a 3 year old golden lab. A very adhesive learner, trained by crew member Kadin Wilson. There is no bird too big, distance too long or ice too thick for this beast. A gentle giant to say the least. During the offseason Drake enjoys chasing cats on the farm, long drives and summer training.

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