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Why Rent a Gun?

For easier and more fluid travel we offer shotgun rentals at $50 USD/Day. The reason we offer rentals is because it eliminates the risk of delays at customs and extra baggage fees. Bringing your gun also comes with a $25 dollar fee on top of your original baggage fees. Our semi-auto shotguns are cleaned and, maintained often to ensure your gun will never fail you in any temperature or conditions. If you do wish to bring your own gun Wilson Waterfowl will provide you in your trip information email paperwork that needs to be done to bring your gun across.

Upland Game Birds

Fortunate for us and you, Wilson Waterfowl is also located in some of the best upland game country in the world. Pheasants, grouse and partridge cover the prairies. After your morning hunt you can go out and shoot some of these tasty birds if you wish.


A Typical Day at Wilson Waterfowl?

The night before your morning hunt your guide will contact you and typically give you an option on what you would like to hunt in the morning, whether that is Ducks, Canada Geese, Speckle Belly, Snow Geese or Sandhill Cranes. They will then give you a time for pickup at your lodge where you will travel to a field which is typically peas, barley or wheat. You will then arrive to the field where your guide will set his decoys and blinds based on weather conditions, wind, species you're hunting and location of the roost.


Before legal shooting time your guide will give you a run down on safety and instructions. Your guide will be calling the shots, and be giving you instructions throughout the hunt, so it is important to listen to them to maximize your waterfowl experience.

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